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Mauri Wilcox LCSW

Sometimes our lives can feel overwhelming and difficult, especially when our thoughts, relationships or behaviors seem off.  When we don’t feel the way we want to feel, its easy to wonder if anyone else really understands where we are coming from. Sometimes our thoughts or feelings can become overwhelming and impact every other aspect of our lives.   There are many things that can have great impact on how we see the world, our feelings, and our life experience.  It is my goal to help each client heal from past difficulties and move forward in a positive and healthy way. 


I specialize in helping clients heal and empower individuals by giving them tools to help in their relationships, and with their feelings, thoughts and behaviors.  I have a strong desire to cultivate a healing environment. It is important for me to create safety in the therapeutic relationship as it opens up a space for vulnerability which allows true change to happen.  Life can be a challenging journey and I am committed to help you in the process.


I see teens, young adults, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, individual issues within relationships, attachment difficulties, or families needing to improve interpersonal relationships.


Professional Highlights and Memberships


  • Masters of Social Work, University of Utah, MSW; Licensed LCSW

  • B.S. Psychology, Brigham Young University- Idaho

  • Member of the National Association of Social Workers

  • Advanced skills training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Advanced training in Suicide Prevention 

  • Public School Social Worker specializing in adolescent conflict 

  • Vice President of Psychology Society 2009-2010

  • Female empowerment group facilitator

  • Substance abuse support group facilitator 


Specialty Areas:

*Individual and Family Therapy *Trauma *Adolescent *Young Adult *Adult *Parent-Child/Teen Relationship *Anxiety/Depression *Addiction *Attachment difficulties * Interpersonal relationships *Trauma

To Contact Directly

Mobile: 208-351-1867


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