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The assessment session is incredibly important to see if White Peaks Therapy is a good fit for you.  We tell all of our clients that if you do not feel that we are good fit, we will do what we can to help you find another therapist who is a good fit (and we genuinely mean it).  During the assessment session we want to get a good feel for why you are coming to therapy now, what is going on, and what you hope to achieve.  We want to know your goals for therapy and your questions and concerns about the process.  Also, we want to get background information from you.  If you are coming in as a couple we want to understand your current relationship and your past experiences from each person's perspective.  If you are coming in for individual therapy we want to know about the difficulties you are facing, who you are and what you would like to acheive.  If you are coming in as a family we want to get to know each one of you and understand your perspective. 

We ask you to fill out the first session paperwork before arriving for our appointment.  We do this so we do not need to use any of our session time on paperwork.  We need these papers before we can get started.  All policies and procedures are contained within the paperwork including confidentiality.  Then, we will inquire of the information above.  If we are a good fit then we will discuss a plan moving forward and scheduling. 

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